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Women are the real architects of the society, PCTE Group of Institutes organized an event named "THE EMPOWERED WOMEN" to celebrate the auspicious occasion of International Women’s Day, where Ms. Harleen Sona (Writer, Philanthropist, Motivational Speaker), Ms. Diksha Kalra (Entrepreneur, MD of the Carnivals and Inquisitive Magazine) and Ms. Baljeet Kaur (MD VMAD, Motivator) ,the Renowned personalities of the city were invited to grace the occasion and experience and expressed their views in front of 200 young bloods.
Ms. Harleen Sona talked about how life is too short and said that we have to introspect ourselves and should explore our potential and power to the fullest. Ms. Baljeet Kaur said that no women should victimize themselves because she is a woman, they have to be strong and prepare themselves to what they are capable of and then the society will react as how they should be reacting. She added by saying that one should listen to what the parents are saying and try to convince and make them understand things according to the situation. Ms. Diksha Kalra discussed about how one can get out of the situations which they feel are not feasible for them and emphasized on being strong on what they want to do.
Ms. Pallavi Dawra, Dean, Business Management, said “I am really amazed to see the participation of the students and their involvement in the event” she further added by saying that events like these help us to celebrate our existence.

Dr. K.N.S Kang, Director General, PCTE said that “International Women’s Day is a time to honor the extraordinary women of our society and applaud them for the value, they hold in our society.