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March 08 marks the women’s day in GGNIVS, Ghumarmandi, Ludhiana which celebrates the achievements of women in all spheres of life. The programme began with a very warm welcome accorded to the college Director. S.ManjitSingh Chhabrawhose presence invariably infuses a new zeal into both professors as well as the students.According to the custom of GGNIVS, the college Director spoke to the students regarding the relevance of women’ day.He said  Women's day is the global celebration of the of women. This day is also a call to action through events large and small focusing on equality.

By discussing the history of women’s day he added that the first women day was observed in February 1909 when 15000 women marched through the streets of New York demanding improved pay, shorter hours and voting rights.In 1975 the united nations proclaimed the year International women’s year and decided March 08 as women’s day.
The day saw a host of soul-stirring performance by students of different classes.  Palaknanda of b.sc it ,sang an emotional song – “maaye teri chunariya lehraye”. A song by bhavneetsingh–chidhiyan vi udna chahundiayn ne of b.com and add mad show by the students were both informative and inspirational. A poem by Nancy “Nari Shakti” was heterogeneous. There was a video on the different roles of women by the students. Prof Gurdeep Singh’s poem mein te meri maa touched the emotional chords of everyone.
On this precious and an esteemed occasion every female professor of GGNIVS was awarded a prestigious trophy by the Director sir.

The programme ended with a Thank you speech of Anmoldeep. This thank you speech promotes the caring condition of women by solving their social issues.